The Brands Popular with Fashion Forward People

When it comes to getting gifts for people, fashion has come to the forefront of many people’s lives. Many people are conscious about their fashion sense, and it is vital to these people that what the brands they are wearing makes the statement that they are fashion forward. So if you find yourself in the position where you are purchasing an item for a person who is fashion conscious, then these following brands are the ones that you should try and look towards.

Thomas Sabo

Thomas Sabo

Thomas Sabo is one of the leading global brands who specialise in designing, selling and distributing jewellery, watches and beauty products for women and men. They are all about paying attention to detail and this is seen with the charms they are so popular for – which are made to be the perfect gift for anyone who knows their jewellery. Continue reading “The Brands Popular with Fashion Forward People”

Tips in Finding the Perfect Engagement Ring

Many women dream for the perfect moment when the man of their dreams finally pop the big question. Women envision themselves wearing the the most beautiful engagement ring as a sign of commitment to the man of their dreams. For most men sometimes its nearly impossible to fulfil the perfect fairytale for her, so the best you can do is to start by getting her a perfect engagement ring. And to make things easy for you, we have rounded up some helpful tips on how to choose an elegant and unique engagement ring that is made of the highest quality.

Engagement Ring

  • Know what she wants

This will really test your sleuthing skills if you want to surprise her with a fairytale engagement ring. However, you don’t have to do this task alone. You can choose some of her friends to act as your accomplices. They can help you gather some valuable information discreetly. Continue reading “Tips in Finding the Perfect Engagement Ring”

Fashion Trends for the Workplace

Daily jobs may get dull. Working as a millennial, like landing a banking job in Myanmar, there will be Mondays where you have to practically drag yourself off your bed just to start the day. But Mondays are not all clouds and gray skies. Instead, turn that frown upside down and start the week with a bit of rainbows and sunshine! We can prove to you that Mondays can be fun as these days can provide the best opportunities to show off that new top you just bought over the weekend.

Workplace People

You Can’t Go Wrong With the Classics

Want to look safe but at the same time turn a few heads to notice you? Put on a classic corporate ensemble to start your Monday right. Safe yet fashionable, the classic corporate is a style that will not simply be forgotten. Although this type of fashion choice can get bland real quick as the day goes by, you can always improve this look with simple, yet eye-catching accents such as bags, belts, jewelry, or make-up, just to name a few. Continue reading “Fashion Trends for the Workplace”

5 Handy Tips to Get Best Wedding Jewelry

Congratulations for your wedding! It’s for sure that you have selected your wedding gown, flowers, the cake and venue; but have you selected your wedding jewelry yet? Don’t worry even if you haven’t as we will assist you in planning to get the best jewelry for your special day.

Wedding Ring

Helpful Tips to Make Your Day

1. Pick the Jewelry Matching Your Wedding Gown

Wedding gowns are the center of attraction for everyone on your wedding day; therefore, you must pick the matching jewelry to complement your dress. If you go for a traditional white gown, then platinum and pearls will blend well with it. But, if you wish to think beyond traditional white one and choose ivory gown, yellow gold will enhance the undertone of your beautiful ivory gown. Matching jewelry will automatically add grace to your sensual looks. Continue reading “5 Handy Tips to Get Best Wedding Jewelry”

How to dress according to your body shape?

Correct style of clothes help in enhancing your outlook. Every cloth does not suit every person, thus one must know what is suitable and what is not. The designers these days have a vast collection of beautiful dresses for different size ladies; you can explore online stores and can purchase the outfit that complements your body shape and budget.

Body shape

Know your body shape
The body shape can be easily categorized into five shapes namely apple, rectangular, pear, pettie and hourglass shape. It is to be noted that a single dress will not suit all the body types, thus one need to know his/her body shape and the best styling options. Online stores offer the wide range of dresses and clothing options for every body shape. Continue reading “How to dress according to your body shape?”

Three Hot Dress Styles for Spring

Before the weather changes and the calendar declares it, the first glimpse of the new season is the department store window filled with colorful dresses. Spring is coming! Here are three of the top styles on the horizon that you can pick up now at New York & Company’s Dress Sale.



The first sound of spring came at January’s State of the Union Address. First Lady Michelle Obama captured all the eyes in her marigold midi dress by Narcisco Rodriguez. If there ever was a reason for non-politicos to watch the President’s Address it’s that the dress, offered through Neiman Marcus, was sold out before the night was over. Continue reading “Three Hot Dress Styles for Spring”

The Fate of Eco-Ideas in the Fashion World

There is an ever growing number of celebrities and fashion icons supporting green carpet events and green initiatives. Vivienne Westwood, Stella McCarthy, Michael Kors are just some of the big designer names to promote their ethical fashion lines. However, there are rarely any fashion houses which can guarantee that their entire chain of production is 100% eco-friendly and environmentally conscious, so it’s up to us as consumers to choose brands that share interests closest to our individual. So, the first question we should address is: what actually qualities a company as sustainable or ethical?

Eco Fashion

The ideal production model should have a ‘green stamp’ for all of the elements in the production chain starting from acquiring fabrics and materials, through manufacturing labor, to distribution and sales channels. Here are the main traits of an ethical business: Continue reading “The Fate of Eco-Ideas in the Fashion World”