How to dress according to your body shape?

Correct style of clothes help in enhancing your outlook. Every cloth does not suit every person, thus one must know what is suitable and what is not. The designers these days have a vast collection of beautiful dresses for different size ladies; you can explore online stores and can purchase the outfit that complements your body shape and budget.

Body shape

Know your body shape
The body shape can be easily categorized into five shapes namely apple, rectangular, pear, pettie and hourglass shape. It is to be noted that a single dress will not suit all the body types, thus one need to know his/her body shape and the best styling options. Online stores offer the wide range of dresses and clothing options for every body shape. Continue reading “How to dress according to your body shape?”

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Finding the right accessories to wear with cashmere sweaters

A dry cleaner is a good friend of a woman or a man who has an acquired taste for high fashion, including quality winter fashions. Dry cleaners are friends to fashion aficionados because they keep top fashions like silk shirts, wool blazers, linen pants and cashmere sweaters looking new for years. The right accessories also keep fine winter fashions looking new, giving the clothes a spark.

Funnel Neck Cashmere sweater

For example, a pair of black or white stockings is a perfect accessory for a plain black or white cashmere dress. While wearing a 4-ply cashmere sweater, try toting a designer bag like a Roger Vivier handbag. A Dries Van Noten checkered purse with a long front flap also goes well with a cashmere sweater and a knit or linen pair of pants. Continue reading “Finding the right accessories to wear with cashmere sweaters”

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Blend of Fashion and Modesty in the Hijab Style 2013

The hijab has been an integral part of a Muslim woman’s clothing from the ancient times.  The attire of the Muslim women wearing hijab reflects smartness and modesty. Hijab comes in various styles, colors and forms as per individual tastes and preferences.

Muslim Woman 447x296

In the recent times, the fashion world has taken keen interest in hijab and many reputed designers have introduced different kinds of hijab styles. These new styles enhance the beauty of Muslim women, along with enhancing their modest appearance. This year the dominating trend would be printed scarves teamed up with plain abaya. The hounds tooth printed scarves would come in white, black and earthy tones.  Scarves would also come in floral, aztech and animal prints. Such scarves would look good with abaya of any color. Continue reading “Blend of Fashion and Modesty in the Hijab Style 2013”

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Outshine yourself and Get the New look Added with the Flawless Collection of Leather Boots this Season

For all the gorgeous ladies, who are looking to create a style statement and to get warmth for the autumn this year; you are certainly going to adore yourself with the all time ravishing and flawless pairs of leather boots. So, either you prefer to wear your most favourite peplum jackets to give the complete accent look; or desire to dress yourself with the head-to-toe skirt suits; with leather boots you shall be able to adopt these new and exciting trends amazingly. The leather boots options are versatile and are essentially befitting every occasion by creating an unmistakable appeal for the lady wearing boots.

Tan Galaxy Leather Ankle Boots

Leather boots are intrinsically outstanding available with varied style and hues. Females by wearing them celebrate the uniqueness, individuality as well as distinctness in the population today. Also, leather boots have certainly become the apt choice for all those females who believe in keeping their best foot forward and also provides an opportunity for them to outshine in the society by recognizing them as a fashion statement and status symbol. Continue reading “Outshine yourself and Get the New look Added with the Flawless Collection of Leather Boots this Season”

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