How to be an Eco-Friendly Bride: From Fashion to Accessories

Being aware of detrimental impacts humans have on environment, you will certainly want one of the best days of your life to be marked by a green colour. To organize any wedding is a complicated process, not to mention an eco-friendly one. However, it is not difficult as it may seem at first sight. The recommendations for an environment-friendly wedding follow.

Eco wedding


One of the things that first cross our mind when we say wedding is rings. In the light of an eco-friendly wedding, you need to make sure that the rings you buy are made of recycled gold, silver or other recycled metal. In addition, you need to pay attention that a production process of the rings you buy is environmentally friendly. You want to be unique and you do not want to have rings made of precious metals at all? Have you considered wooden rings? Do not forget Etsy, the famous online marketplace. You will find something eco-friendly there, for sure. When we talk about eco-friendly rings, make sure that the rings you buy come from suppliers who do not deal with international mining community.


Flowers are an indispensable part of weddings. We all know that. That being said, the advice is not to use out-of season flowers. It is a clever idea to use potted plants. To spice up the romantic atmosphere, use beeswax or soy candles to save electricity. Gather your bridesmaids and make your own decorations out of recycled materials. You are out of ideas? Pinterest is the fantastic place where you can find anything you want regarding eco-friendly decorations. Bear in mind the recyclable materials you can use: paper, glass, wood, bamboo and many others. Did you know that there are plantable confetti which can grow into wildflowers?

Wedding dress

You may think it is very difficult to find a green wedding dress. Do not despair! When it comes to wedding dresses, there are four most common options. Have you considered a vintage wedding dress? Additionally, you can use your mother’s wedding dress and adapt it to your own style. Your mother will be delighted and you will check one more thing off your green list. Of course, a seamstress can make you a new dress. However, make sure she uses materials such as organic cotton, silk, wool, tencel. If you do not like that option, the list of eco-friendly wedding dress designers is getting bigger and bigger every day. In order to be congruent with your wedding theme, one of the recommendations is eco-ware.

Apart from a wedding dress, decorations and a ring, there is plethora of ways to make a green wedding. Pay attention to invitations. Make an outdoor wedding. Buy locally grown food. Do not forget an eco-friendly honeymoon. If you are a bookworm, you should not miss books on this subject such as Green Wedding: Planning Your Eco-Friendly Celebration by Mireya Navarro.

To sum up, having an eco-friendly wedding is not as difficult as it may seem. Use your imagination. Collect as much information as possible on this subject. Start planning and may it be the best day of your life!

Ariel Bellamy is an open-minded blogger who takes care that her words are well written, sharply witty and unconditionally true. She focuses on all things green – in battle for Earth, and all things healthy – as in battle for happiness.

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get in the water 447x279

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snapback cap

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