The Fate of Eco-Ideas in the Fashion World

There is an ever growing number of celebrities and fashion icons supporting green carpet events and green initiatives. Vivienne Westwood, Stella McCarthy, Michael Kors are just some of the big designer names to promote their ethical fashion lines. However, there are rarely any fashion houses which can guarantee that their entire chain of production is 100% eco-friendly and environmentally conscious, so it’s up to us as consumers to choose brands that share interests closest to our individual. So, the first question we should address is: what actually qualities a company as sustainable or ethical?

Eco Fashion

The ideal production model should have a ‘green stamp’ for all of the elements in the production chain starting from acquiring fabrics and materials, through manufacturing labor, to distribution and sales channels. Here are the main traits of an ethical business: Continue reading “The Fate of Eco-Ideas in the Fashion World”

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5 Tips To Be Properly Dressed For Any Occasion

To look properly dressed for any occasion, it’s important to incorporate specific clothing items into the daily attire to ensure that there’s a balance between both formal and casual wear. By staying dressed up with certain pieces that mix well with simple items, it will create an overall attractive and polished look that is appropriate for many different settings.

Properly Dressed For Any Occasion

Add Accessories

Accessories naturally dress up any outfit, working to make a casual look more formal, and can be worn in the workplace or out on the town. Earrings should always be worn, whether simple studs, or classic hoops that are feminine and create a polished look. Always add a necklace or two to dress up a simple shirt, or expensive blouse that won’t appear too plain. Continue reading “5 Tips To Be Properly Dressed For Any Occasion”

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Thinking of Buying a Horse Riding Jacket

If you are among the adventurous lot and venture a lot outdoors, you must be familiar with the fact that outdoor activities at times have to be done in cold weather too. In some activities that are performed outdoors any kind of jacket will work, but if one is an equestrian enthusiast a hacking jacket is required.

Horse Riding Jacket 

Combating the cold

Combating the cold is not a tough task if an appropriate equestrian jacket is chosen. The warmth that the equestrian jacket provides while indulging in horse riding is the prime consideration that one needs to keep in mind while choosing the jacket. Continue reading “Thinking of Buying a Horse Riding Jacket”

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How To Look Fashionable Even When Going To Bed

As any Hollywood star will tell you, it is always important to maintain your fashion-style, even when you are at home. While movie stars in the past may have had to sleep in rollers, you are more fortunate to have an array of fashionable clothing options that are just as comfy as they are stylish. If you want to stay fashionable even when going to bed, then check out these clothing options that will have you looking stylish from head-to-toe.

Fashionable Even When Going To Bed

Silky Hair Wraps

By preparing your hair the night before, you can ensure you wake up looking beautiful. Take a cue from the past and wrap your hair in a luxurious scarf. Hair wraps can be found in an array of patterns that can match your bedtime attire. Go for a bold, colorful design such as animal prints to show off your individual style. Continue reading “How To Look Fashionable Even When Going To Bed”

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The Hottest Trends in Children’s Clothing

As autumn and winter approach, you might be wondering how to keep your son or daughter looking absolutely fabulous at all times. Putting some effort into teaching your child about fashion is important so they form a sense of style that is their very own. If you’re keen on putting them in the forefront of the latest trends, here are some of the most fashionable clothes to keep an eye out for. With these items, your kids will look amazing whether they’re out with friends or simply at home.

Kids fashion trends 447x353

Bright Colour Palettes
When shopping for your child, the first step will be to think about the colour schemes that are now in trend. With this year’s new autumn and winter wear, be prepared to spot the following tones and hues in your department store’s children’s section. Continue reading “The Hottest Trends in Children’s Clothing”

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Tips to Remember While Shopping Clothes for Infants

Advices showers like anything, especially if this is your first child. Your relatives and friends will guide you to do many things and finally you land with so many ideas that put you in an utter confused state. One of the most perplexed moments is the time when you shop baby clothes. Infants grow very fast; you need to keep this in mind while shopping. Moreover, you also need to understand their nature because your child is still not in a position to speak but can scream. As a parent, you have to understand the comfort and uncomfortable actions and dress up your child perfectly. Here are a few guidelines that you can follow while buying garments for the little ones.

Pile of blue baby clothes 008 447x268

·         There are many parents who make it sure that their child has enough to wear immediately after birth. It is always a better idea to choose clothes one size more than the actual one. Buying tight fitting or too small clothing for new born children is actually a bad idea. It should be loose-fitting and breathable and it must not develop any chances of rashes. But you must be conscious about the weather and buy infant wear accordingly.

·         Usually, branded clothes are all well sewed. Even then you should check each and every seam inside the clothes no matter how popular is the store. It must be smooth and flat. Run your hand smoothly throughout the fabric and check if there are hinges, which can irritate the soft skin of your child.

·         There are a number of trendy dresses with elastic band around the arms, legs, neck or at the waist portion. Such outfits definitely fit easily but create irritation on those elastic areas, especially if your baby has sensitive skin. However, there are some dresses with elastic, which hardly create problem. So, as a word of advice judge the nature of the elastic before buying the dress.

·         Frills, appliqués, metal zips are some of the most common features that you will find in the dresses. Your little child will look good but be careful about the comfort aspect. The uneven stitches, rough edges are indeed harmful. Never fool yourself that one wash can soften the material, rather the outfit becomes more pricking. You cannot compromise the comfort of your child with anything, so say a big “NO” to such wears for an infant.

·         As already stated earlier, if your child has sensitive skin, then judging the nature of the fabric must be your first concern. Natural fabrics are always the best choice. Make it sure that the buttons, sequins and other such glossy designs are well sewed. Infants have the habit of chewing colorful and attractive items on their dresses. You have to be careful so that your child does not put those glossy materials in the mouth.

These are only a few points, but you should check each and every corners of the cloth before buying, because you will not like your little angel to cry and scream out of pain and uneasiness.

Author Bio:  Kristina Louis is a freelance content writer. She shares with her readers’ latest development about fashion world and tips to buy kids clothes online.

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Cornflowerblue Baby Clothes – online kids boutique!

When it comes to shopping for baby clothing and accessories then these days you might find some of the best options. But if you want to save your substantial amount of time then definitely you need to shop online as there are several different stores specializing in baby clothing including infants, boys and girls even toys. Following are a few online shopping tips for baby clothes that will help you get best deals.

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Tips for quality online shopping for babies

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