How to dress according to your body shape?

Correct style of clothes help in enhancing your outlook. Every cloth does not suit every person, thus one must know what is suitable and what is not. The designers these days have a vast collection of beautiful dresses for different size ladies; you can explore online stores and can purchase the outfit that complements your body shape and budget.

Body shape

Know your body shape
The body shape can be easily categorized into five shapes namely apple, rectangular, pear, pettie and hourglass shape. It is to be noted that a single dress will not suit all the body types, thus one need to know his/her body shape and the best styling options. Online stores offer the wide range of dresses and clothing options for every body shape. Continue reading “How to dress according to your body shape?”

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Three Hot Dress Styles for Spring

Before the weather changes and the calendar declares it, the first glimpse of the new season is the department store window filled with colorful dresses. Spring is coming! Here are three of the top styles on the horizon that you can pick up now at New York & Company’s Dress Sale.



The first sound of spring came at January’s State of the Union Address. First Lady Michelle Obama captured all the eyes in her marigold midi dress by Narcisco Rodriguez. If there ever was a reason for non-politicos to watch the President’s Address it’s that the dress, offered through Neiman Marcus, was sold out before the night was over. Continue reading “Three Hot Dress Styles for Spring”

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How To Find Your Perfect Suit

You can never get a second chance to make a good first impression. No matter if you are heading for a job interview, wedding, date or a court hearing, it is always important for you to look confident and feel comfortable in your own skin. Although we all love to rock our favorite cotton tee with a par of quality jeans, in some situations, such outfits are simply not convenient and can be considered effortless or even rude. That’s exactly when a suit comes to light. A perfectly chosen suit can emphasize, or even improve your best qualities and hide everything you’re not proud of. Here are a couple of simple tips on how to choose your perfect suit.

Custom Tailored Suits

Mind the purpose of the suit

Before you start looking for your ideal suit, you need to consider its purpose. The occasion on which a suit would be worn influences the choice of colors, fabrics and entire design, in general. For example, for a formal event, such as a job interview or a wedding, you should keep your outfit classy and elegant, choosing simple and classical models and dark colors. On the other hand, for a casual summer outfit, choosing dark suits is a great mistake. When the temperatures are up, you should always choose brighter colors and lighter materials that will make you feel comfortable. In order to add vivacity to your outfit, you could add bright colored shirts, such as baby pink or blue, as well as some interesting patterned tie. Continue reading “How To Find Your Perfect Suit”

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Fashion and Workouts: What to Wear to the Gym

It can be quite difficult to decide what you are going to wear at the gym. You need your gym-wear to look good but also to be comfortable while working out. Old shorts and t-shirts can do the trick but it is also a good option to buy gym-wear that is specially designed for this use. Here are few tips on what to wear while working out.

Girl at the gym

Lower Body

Of course, you don’t want to wear jeans while working out. It would be impossible to do some of the squats or lunges while wearing jeans. Shorts are the most obvious choice and most of the people stick with it. In those, you will feel comfortable while doing any of the exercises. Of course, they are not the only option considering the lower body. You can also try wearing longer pants while working out. Many people prefer to wear track or yoga pants at the gym. Be sure to buy shorts or pants which will allow you a full range of movement. You should also have in mind that accessing some of the gym equipment might be easier if you are wearing shorts. Continue reading “Fashion and Workouts: What to Wear to the Gym”

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How to Wear Polka Dots

If you are a real fashonista and want to look hip and trendy this season you should definitely consider wearing clothes with polka dots. Fashion experts say that they will be very popular this year, especially in the spring and summer time. But you can wear them throughout the entire year and the effect will be fabulous. You should wear polka dots and let them define your personal style and you will make the right decision. They tend to make you look romantic and with certain combinations of clothes with beads and leather you will achieve that edgy look, but in a totally original way. You will look retro and feel like you are in the 1950s. But when you combine them with other clothes you should be careful and follow certain rules.

Polka Dots
Image source:

Wearing polka dot dresses

Polka dot dresses are a great choice for the spring and summer. Your safest choice is to go with a dress that is of knee length or a little shorter, just above the knees. It is a very romantic look. But you should be careful with what you combine with these dresses. You should probably choose light summer blazers and jackets but in solid colours. Marine blue, black or white could be the perfect choice for this season. When it comes to accessories you should match the colour of your accessories with the colours of your jacket. Continue reading “How to Wear Polka Dots”

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Shop Your Shape: Bikini Shopping Guide

Just how many times have we passed next to someone on the street thinking: this person does not know how to dress! It is not just that colors and prints are not well combined, it is the fact that the clothes they are wearing is extremely inappropriate for their figure. The ones that have problems with a bit of extra weight tend to fit themselves into tiny outfits, thinking that they will make them look slimmer, but it actually does just the opposite.

Classic white

When the summer comes, the same applies to swimwear. Women tend to buy whatever is trendy that season, regardless of their body and the fact that it may not suit their shape at all. That is why here we have tips on what kind of bathing suit you should choose for your body type, more specifically for curvy, athletic and straight. Continue reading “Shop Your Shape: Bikini Shopping Guide”

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Do your clothes need to be figure flattering all the time?

The image of Kim Kardashian has more or less carved its way into almost every woman’s personal style throughout these past eight years since her show begun. Up to then, we were all quick to judge any curves on a woman whatsoever given that Twiggy and Kate Moss were style icons and trend-setters of body image and desired look.


I personally am a curvatious woman who wasn’t so proud to show off her body in curve-hugging skirts and dresses but rather opted for looser clothes in order to cover the shape. I am not going to say that the Kardashian clan gave me my body confidence back; I’ll just say that somewhere along the way I’ve realized that being who you are, no matter what shape – is perfect as it is. Continue reading “Do your clothes need to be figure flattering all the time?”

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