The Fate of Eco-Ideas in the Fashion World

There is an ever growing number of celebrities and fashion icons supporting green carpet events and green initiatives. Vivienne Westwood, Stella McCarthy, Michael Kors are just some of the big designer names to promote their ethical fashion lines. However, there are rarely any fashion houses which can guarantee that their entire chain of production is 100% eco-friendly and environmentally conscious, so it’s up to us as consumers to choose brands that share interests closest to our individual. So, the first question we should address is: what actually qualities a company as sustainable or ethical?

Eco Fashion

The ideal production model should have a ‘green stamp’ for all of the elements in the production chain starting from acquiring fabrics and materials, through manufacturing labor, to distribution and sales channels. Here are the main traits of an ethical business: Continue reading “The Fate of Eco-Ideas in the Fashion World”

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The Best Tips On How To Wear A Midi Skirt

One of the clothing pieces which are a perfect ladylike addition to every Spring wardrobe is a midi skirt. The fact that they don’t set a limit on their styling options makes them even more desirable. However one should also know that unlike some trends which do not require an elaborate thinking process on how to don them, midi skirts! Wear them the wrong way and you will be taking off a few inches from your height as well as adding bulkiness to your frame. Here are some phenomenal styling tips that should help you when wearing one:

Girl Skirt

1) Balance the whole look

– The ‘print on print’ trend is enticing for sure but maintain distance from it when styling your midi skirt. If you opt for a midi skirt that has prints, play safe with a solid top in accompanying shade. Don complementing accessories that go in harmony with your outfit. Continue reading “The Best Tips On How To Wear A Midi Skirt”

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The powerful and feminist guide to women fashion

The sense of fashion and eventually looking good is something that everyone desires. We all spend a lot of time when it comes determining what to wear, where to buy from and how to wear. Such instances make up to the count of other forty thousand choices that we make throughout the day. Most of them related to fashion and food. In the various roles we play, fashion and dressing seems to have their own identity. For example, going to office will require a certain type of dressing while going for a social night out will require another type of dressing. A wedding will have a totally different fashion theme while a funeral will have completely different. The point is everywhere we go, we tend to keep dressing as one important issue to resolve before stepping out of our homes and residing places.

The Women Fashion

To both men and women, fashion is equally important. However, men generally find it easier as they are less choosy and paranoid when it comes to fashion compared to women. When you see a woman panicking before going out, then it most of the time means, she is going through a fashion anxiety. This means not able to decide what to wear. The wardrobe seems very limited, the looks do not give confidence and there is extreme paranoia that takes over completely. Women usually also contribute the most to the growing fashion industry, which is why they are always regarded as the primary target audience for the fashion designs and brands. They always try to find new things to wear and spend money on, they also actively seek different guides to the best fashion. In this article, our focus will be on trying to identify key tips to powerful and feminist fashion guide that every woman can read, enjoy and take useful tips from. Continue reading “The powerful and feminist guide to women fashion”

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Flaunt Your Style And Status With Designer Handbag

Handbags is something which you can carry at any time, like during your office and even during the outings and party time and so your handbag needs to be stylish and designer as well. But it will actually be quite boring if you will just pay complete attention to the function whereas neglecting their appearance, particularly in light of latest fashion. Hence, you should never purchase the functional bag being the simple matter.

Coach Signature Stripe Carryall Handbag Black White

For those who just cannot spend extra time, energy and cash on various bags for each day dress; brown and black bags will be appropriate solution! Such kind of match not just helps for brightens complexion & emphasis collage of the colors, however it even helps to be under the conditions to give impression of the glowing. Continue reading “Flaunt Your Style And Status With Designer Handbag”

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Live a Life of a Professional Fashion Designer

Want to be a professional fashion designer. Get low down here and know what all is required to be a successful player.

Fashion Designer 447x397

Fashion designing is vast discipline and involves lot of creativity. Though there are many certifications available that ensure a career in fashion designing yet the feat is not any easier. A professional degree can help you learn the industry fundamentals but how to sustain in the competitive environment, how to develop compelling and unique designs and deciding upon the target audience remains the key questions that a designer has thoroughly contemplate upon. Continue reading “Live a Life of a Professional Fashion Designer”

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Why Men Prefers to Buy Rayban Sunglasses?

Rayban sunglasses for men are attractive and perfectly fitted to young male persons. In popular Hollywood movies like “Men in Black”, celebrities wear colorful Rayban sunglasses.

Men in black 447x279

Men prefer Rayban sunglasses for excellent designs, color contrast and quality. A guy needs special eye-care device to work freely.  Men have to go outside for work. They have to travel long distance. During summer season, the severe heat coming from the sun is painful to people. A Rayban sunglass device is only the solution to safeguard eyes from being burnt. They must wear beautifully decorated Rayban eye-care devices which are comfortable to use.  The scorching heat of the ultra-violet rays dries up the waterlines and eyelids severely. Therefore, anyone can be affected by eye sore, low vision and astigmatism. Rayban sunglasses for men are specially designed.  The transparent glasses check sunrays to enhance the calmness. Your eyes will be properly protected and kept out of reach of diseases, dust and allergens.

Quality of Rayban –High to Protect Eye-sight
Rayban eye-care accessories are durable and eco-friendly.  The doubly coated lenses of the pair of sunglasses are easy to maintain.  These glasses are far better from contact lenses. You are not required to have knowledge in wearing pair of sunglasses. A Rayban showroom online opens its door to modern men who can buy these sunglasses without hesitation.  The designs of these eye protection devices are extremely beautiful. A male will get back luster and beauty after wearing these ultra-light sunglasses. The scratch resistant sunglasses of Rayban line-up provide comfort to people. Users handle these fashionable sunglasses comfortably.

Sun glasses 447x447

Personal charm is beautifully projected and magnified when a person decorates his body by having the pieces of sunglasses/eye-care devices. The non-skid nose pads, slip resistant ear pads and scientifically upgraded lenses of these gripe-safe sunglasses attract males who will be smart and dandy. In online stores, they will find their favorite sunglasses of Rayban brand. Every pair of sunglasses is fitted to the face.

The storefront displays wide range of sunglasses which change the appearance of anyone. In this connection, kindly choose the reliable comparison websites for evaluation. Many sunglasses launched in the market are varied in shape, color and quality. Rayban is the symbol of trust. None is duped as the designers of these anti-UV sunglasses are experienced in tuning up the light weight eye-care attachments. They fantastically handcraft these sunglasses and eye protection accessories using different techniques. The anti-ultra violet insulation of these sunglasses is conducive to the improvement of vision of a person.  You will never feel discomfiture and uneasiness when these sunglasses sit on the face. You will have extra charm and easiness.

Finally, online shops declare discounts on classis and the latest models of sunglasses. You will get your eye care devices at comfortable prices. Doctors recommend Rayban sunglasses for the sake of the proper eye safeguards.  The interchangeable lenses and adjustable pads to protect nose of Rayban eye-care attachments must ensure protection of eyes. There are also water proof glasses which are worn by divers and sea mariners. They have made good comments about the usefulness of Rayban sunglasses which are globally standard.

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The Icon of the Fashion Industry

There are so many fashion designers today; however only a few are considered as greats. When it comes to the fashion industry, designers are a dime-a-dozen. Moreover, there are only a few designers that designs clothes but try their hands as well in fragrances, bags, shoes, and accessories.

Marc Jacob Handbag 447x447

The Marc Jacobs’ brand has been synonymous to excellent quality and of fine materials. Their products has stand out from so many name brands; that is why, a great number of fashionistas and celebrities troop to their shops just to get the latest “it” bags, clothes or accessories. Continue reading “The Icon of the Fashion Industry”

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