Get the power of Attraction

It is correctly said that first impression is the last impression, so people try their best to throw a great impression on others. Tell us, how will you feel if the person talking to your perspires with bad smell, or if the person sitting next to you smell terrible? Off course, you would feel to run away from that place.

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Now, imagine a situation when a person sitting next to you gives a wonderful fragrance or a person who passes by gives a stunning fragrance… what will you does? Obviously, you will turn around to see the person who passes by or you would wish to spend some more time with the person sitting next to you throwing stunning fragrance. Continue reading “Get the power of Attraction”

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The Chanel No.5 of the New Millennium

Would a man succeed as an endorser for a woman’s scent? From Marilyn Monroe, Lauren Hutton and Nicole Kidman, Chanel is now relying on Brad Pitt’s charm to market its signature scent. Chanel is banking on his point of view regarding the perfume, which is touted as the most feminine fragrance of all time.

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Chanel’s ad featured Brad Pitt in black and white telling his audience about his luck, his fate, and his fortune. However, the company also came out with a second ad featuring an array of women, though it was unclear whether it was planned or a reaction to people’s negative response.

Though Brad Pitt provided an eye candy for a lot of women, women still love Chanel N°5 for its sophistication. They love it so much that they are wearing it for all occasion. You do not even need to wear lots of accessories, since all you need is your little black dress and its scent to be glamorous. This perfume is a very complex fragrance that famous Hollywood women sworn that they only wore some drops of the perfume in bed.

Do not ever think for a minute, that Chanel N°5 is an old woman’s perfume just because it came out in 1921. As Brad Pitt said in the ad, ‘it is not a journey because a journey ends, but the perfume will go on, because it is inevitable.’

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Choosing the Right Fragrance

Perfume is one of the more expensive items and you might be wandering why women are so obsessed with them. Aside from makeup, perfumes are one of the luxury products that women splurge on next only to food and water, or maybe, not necessarily in that order.

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Vanity could be the main culprit behind this obsession, just like the way women cover themselves with make up to look beautiful. However, this could be a good reason if they want to look good about themselves and be self-confident. Moreover, fragrances need not be expensive, since you can still find fragrances with affordable prices.

Shopping for a perfume for a woman can be a very difficult task for men. They may feel a little overwhelmed at the number of choices, but women prefer perfumes that will suit their every mood whether they are feeling serious, playful, or alluring. If you are unsure on the type of perfume or cologne to choose, you may opt for a fragrance gift basket.

Women put perfume on top of their gift wish list because they love the thoughtfulness of receiving perfumes, though very expensive, can make them feel great. Buy fragrance that contains quality ingredients for gifts or for yourself because you deserve the best.

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