Summer Fashion Trend Reality Check

Whether you are a tourist planning to go on a European summer vacation or a Parisian, it never hurts to know the latest in fashion if you do not want to be gawk at or upstage by anyone. The biggest trends this summer season are still light skirts and dresses that have longer lengths like long maxi skirts and maxi dresses.

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Look for bright floral and mixed print pattern dresses, tribal prints, as well as sheer tunic dresses like cover-ups worn over unitards and catsuits. Skinny jeans are still in fashion as well as the 70’s one-piece swimsuit in bright beautiful colors. Last year’s rompers are still hot this summer, and look for pieces with crochet detailing as crochet dresses are the perfect wardrobe for the festival season.

While women wear sandals and heels for their dresses, men would rather have their summer footwear rather than wear sneakers, especially in their slacks and summer shirts. Colorful shoes will be a huge hit this summer as designers go out of the box with their fearless combinations of bright colors in bold prints in everything including dresses, shoes, and handbags.

This year’s Summer collection is all about colorful wacky prints, lace dresses, short shorts, plus glittery tops, and bold striped patterns, so be ready to have them on hand if you want to be seen and stand out among elegant European women.

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Tops In Trend This Summer

As it’s a fact that fashion changes at quick pace and that is what we all love about. Though we have barely filled our wardrobes with latest styled dresses, and now we have summer 2012 catwalk trend on femininity and glamour. This season tribal prints and pastels in tops is new trend. Therefore if you are girl and women who like latest trend then this year you are going to enjoy as there are lost of new trends are out this summer season.

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Therefore girls will dress like girls once again. This season we are expecting to see flowing dress, bright tones with lot of blue, pink and yellow, and these color will give a cool feeling in hot summers. On the other hand you will find different fabrics. The trend for women ton this year indicates chic fashion but know its turn for baggy styles once again. Therefore this summer think loose and the length are gone shorter with a casual silhouette. Therefore you will feel comfortable this summer while going for baggy.

Therefore this season multicolor stripes that are making the rounds, color blocking too is in vogue. And this will make you look stunning and stylish.

This summer season tribal prints are getting hot among girls. As girls will look stylish and stunning while wearing tribal print. On the other hand Tunics are quite in, therefore if you are going to select tunic then go for ethnic patterned tunics and fitted silhouettes.

On the other hand lace is once again the blast from the past year. Therefore you will look pretty and eye catching in lace blouse, therefore delicate lace and ruffles make it feminine and memorable. Therefore you are going to see lot of lace but only as an added accessory this year not a complete outfit. Lace will be used as decoration for making your blouse look stylish. Therefore if you want to add some style to your blouse then go for lace as lace is going to be popular accessory this year for decorating your outfit.

Though tops are popular among girls from past many years so this season tops are again going to be hottest pick among…..Read More

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