High Price of High Heels: If They Hurt, You’re Doing It Wrong

What I always think of when I see a woman wearing high heels is: How much time did it take her to make that grin and bear the pain? Not every woman will admit that wearing high heels demands a lot of exercise and learning. More often than not, high heels will come with a high degree of pain, especially during the first days after you buy them.

High Heels

I have been wearing high heels since college, and there are some things I learned – how to reduce the pain, what is the best type of heel, and when you should go to the doctor’s. Continue reading “High Price of High Heels: If They Hurt, You’re Doing It Wrong”

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Giving the Gift of Cowboy Boots

Cowboy boots are the perfect Christmas gift for just about everyone on your list. They can be worn with any style of clothing, kids love them, and they last forever. Buying shoes for someone else can be a little tricky in terms of getting the right size and style, but putting a little extra effort into it will ensure that things come out just right.

Cowboy Boots 447x297

Selecting a Style
Part of what makes cowboy boots the perfect Christmas gift is they come in so many different styles. No matter what the recipient’s personal tastes are, there’s a pair of cowboy boots to match. Whether you’re looking for the classic style of simple ropers, or something with some rock n’ roll flair, you can find it in cowboy boots. Continue reading “Giving the Gift of Cowboy Boots”

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Women’s Shoes- Myriad Styles and Designs at Low Prices!

Everyone has heard about women’s fetish for shoes! Even if they have enough, they are ready to buy few more. As per studies conducted in this field, women are more swayed by a decent looking pair of shoes than a high priced classy dress. A wide range of shoes is available for women. Some come with heels, some without them, some are simple, and some are blingy! The range is endless. Since the quality of these shoes varies significantly, the price range also wavers. If you would like to find low priced women’s shoes, you either need to wait for the sale season to start or visit stores that offer reasonably priced shoes.

J.Serene shoes 385x500

If you are looking for comfort wear, you can go for sandals. These days, myriad designs and styles are available in women’s sandals. Women experience a breezy feel on their delicate feet. Feet simply feel happy in sandals. A warm feel on feet is so soothing and caressing! Sandals are designed as per latest trends keeping fashion conscious women in mind. If you wear your jeans like a second skin, you can wear comfortable sandals to go with it. It is the most casual and minimalistic attire most loved by young girls for who comfort is most important. Continue reading “Women’s Shoes- Myriad Styles and Designs at Low Prices!”

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Essential Methods for Your Corporate Casual Look

Dressing smart for the office is a sure-fire way to push for success. Choosing the right outfit can be difficult though, especially with the wide range of clothes that are available out there. If you’re wondering what to wear to the workplace, please read on. We will go over advice for both men and women when it comes to purchasing the perfect casual attire for the office. Looking your best for the corporate setting isn’t as difficult as you would have first believed.

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Follow Company Policy

The first step will be to ask your employer about what is suitable in the workplace. After all, they may have some specific guidelines which you have to follow when it comes to how you dress. Read over your employee handbook or talk with your boss to get all the information that you need. Continue reading “Essential Methods for Your Corporate Casual Look”

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Six Tips on Buying Leather Boots

When buying boots, leather is the only way to go. Ask podiatrists, fashion demigods, motorcycle racers or anyone who has been in the blue-collar workforce and they will tell you how comfortable, fashionable and durable leather boots are as compared to fur, synthetic, shearling or any other material. Leather continues to stand the test of time for the protection and durability it provides, despite high costs.

Womens Leather Boots Camel 1259824427 0 447x326

There is variety of leather boots available in the market and it is not easy to make the right choice if you are not sure about the parameters by which to choose a right shoe. Let us help you get things in perspective for a better buying decision. Here is what to look for when buying women leather boots: Continue reading “Six Tips on Buying Leather Boots”

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Outshine yourself and Get the New look Added with the Flawless Collection of Leather Boots this Season

For all the gorgeous ladies, who are looking to create a style statement and to get warmth for the autumn this year; you are certainly going to adore yourself with the all time ravishing and flawless pairs of leather boots. So, either you prefer to wear your most favourite peplum jackets to give the complete accent look; or desire to dress yourself with the head-to-toe skirt suits; with leather boots you shall be able to adopt these new and exciting trends amazingly. The leather boots options are versatile and are essentially befitting every occasion by creating an unmistakable appeal for the lady wearing boots.

Tan Galaxy Leather Ankle Boots

Leather boots are intrinsically outstanding available with varied style and hues. Females by wearing them celebrate the uniqueness, individuality as well as distinctness in the population today. Also, leather boots have certainly become the apt choice for all those females who believe in keeping their best foot forward and also provides an opportunity for them to outshine in the society by recognizing them as a fashion statement and status symbol. Continue reading “Outshine yourself and Get the New look Added with the Flawless Collection of Leather Boots this Season”

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How to Treat Your Feet Royally and Select the Perfect Shoes?

Haven’t you wondered how some people manage to get the best shoes, while your collection seems to be teeming with cross-trainers and black pumps? It does not necessarily require lot of money or a stylist to get interesting or eye-grabbing shoes. Earlier, the search process used to be very simple, but these days, it has become quite daunting, with plethora of options at your disposal.

Print shoe 447x270

There was a time when we had sneakers for every activity, starting from climbing a tree to riding a bike and baseball playing in the ground. Now, we have shoes for each task, and there are countless footwear options to choose from. The following tips can help you choose the shoes that you love, no matter how tight your budget is.

Choose Colors That Go Well With Your Personality
Fill your wardrobe with killer shoes without wandering away from basic black or white; however, add other shades that never hurt anyone. Do not wear bright colored shoes, if they don’t suit your complexion. Assess your personality, your lifestyle, and wardrobe choices, and then look for shoes that complement all the three aspects. If you like earth tones, try a pair of rust shoes rather than simply opting for dark brown. If you love wearing navy suits, take a chance and try cream, red, white, and chartreuse, as all look great with that color. Adding colorful shoes is much like painting your room and is the simplest way to get a quick makeover.

Prints Shoes are a Rage!
Print shoes are the latest fashion and can inject loads of fun and personality into clothing. Geometric, paisleys, floral, and plaid shapes all add interest and color, while also making it easier to work out. For instance, a pair of pumps featuring purple and blue colour will make you all that more energetic and confident about pairing a blue belt with your purple attire. Such types of shoes can be a bit slippery also. If you’ve fashion sense and confidence, you can combine with several prints too.

Accents Can Help a Great Deal
It is quite fun to see how a simple buckle can work great for shoes. If it is a round, big, nice, and shiny buckle, it can give you a nice and polished look. Bows, buttons, brooches, gems, and buckles are few accents that can really make a pair of shoes shine. While certain outfits and events are perfectly suited to footwear, which are overly embellished, for daily use. Streamlined and thick chic and look for designs that do not look too outrageous for years or down the line.

Choosing the Heels
Most of the people, especially women think that shoes come only in 2 categories: flats and stilettos or in extreme cases, cross-trainers. However, there is wide range of shoes available in the market. Wedge heels, low heels, kitten, and chunky heels are few choices available for women who do not wish to wear sky-high heels. You can also opt for flats with nice textures, accents, finishes, and colours, which can take those shoes to a whole new level.

You do not have to invest a large sum to have attention-seeking footwear; you can go for affordable ones, and even the look at any store that sells them online. Among the affordable choices, you can find high-quality born shoes on sale. You may not afford the pricey items, but when you get something attractive and comfortable for less, you should certainly give it a try.

Hopefully, the above guidelines will help you out to buy stylish and impressive shoes without breaking the bank!

Author Bio
Stella Joanne is a fashionista who has been writing articles related to shoes, footwear, and accessories for five years. Whenever she needs a new pair of shoes, she looks for born shoes on sale, and gets them during the annual discount sale at amazing prices.

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