Fashion Trends for the Workplace

Daily jobs may get dull. Working as a millennial, like landing a banking job in Myanmar, there will be Mondays where you have to practically drag yourself off your bed just to start the day. But Mondays are not all clouds and gray skies. Instead, turn that frown upside down and start the week with a bit of rainbows and sunshine! We can prove to you that Mondays can be fun as these days can provide the best opportunities to show off that new top you just bought over the weekend.

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You Can’t Go Wrong With the Classics

Want to look safe but at the same time turn a few heads to notice you? Put on a classic corporate ensemble to start your Monday right. Safe yet fashionable, the classic corporate is a style that will not simply be forgotten. Although this type of fashion choice can get bland real quick as the day goes by, you can always improve this look with simple, yet eye-catching accents such as bags, belts, jewelry, or make-up, just to name a few.

Rock’em Jeans to Work!

Gone are the days where you have to be a stiff when you’re in the workplace. To date, most firms now allow the simple style of wearing casuals. What better way to celebrate the emergence of fashion and comfort than to wear jeans! Paired with the right top, stilettos and maybe even a blazer, you can easily pull off a professional look so long as you’re wearing an appropriate pair of denims.

Try Something a Bit Boyish

Admit it, there were days that you just stared in awe at men’s fashion thinking “I could rock that.” You probably could! So why not give a try? Instead of going for a dapper style of clothing to look more professional, aim for something more lighter. Meaning to say, choose a more “boyish” look rather than the “manlier” one. Button down shirts partnered with loafers and pinstriped pants can do the trick. But you always have the option to add a few statement pieces such as well-matched suspenders, make-up, and some gold jewelry.

Feminine is Your True Calling

If you are a more floral printed, frilly-type of gal, then the feminine look is definitely for you. Simple, cute yet comfortable, the feminine look is an accepted choice of office fashion that can be easily pulled off by anybody. The usual selection for this ensemble is wearing knee length skirts and dresses. After which, complete your look by finishing off with high heeled shoes, stilettos or even ballet flats.

Be Daring, Be Sophisticated

Being daring doesn’t mean you’d have a wardrobe malfunction; risks are definitely fun but exert caution. However, this is a style that requires a lot of practice as you have to continuously experiment which pieces of clothing will work well with the other. The technique to pulling this legendary look off is by clashing different styles together. The more opposite the clothing styles being matched the better. Do take note that this is a look that may directly reflect your personality, so the outcome will almost, always vary. It is quite difficult to master, but the end results is definitely catwalk worthy.

With so many “Vogue” worthy ensembles to choose from, tell us, were you able to pick which style you’re going with this week? Well, whatever it is, you better start practicing that morning strut because the office cat walk is waiting for its Next Top Employee.


Kimberly Marie Gayeta (Kimmy) is a Communications Degree holder, currently working as an online Marketing Representative for JOBNET Banking Jobs in Myanmar.

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