How to dress according to your body shape?

Correct style of clothes help in enhancing your outlook. Every cloth does not suit every person, thus one must know what is suitable and what is not. The designers these days have a vast collection of beautiful dresses for different size ladies; you can explore online stores and can purchase the outfit that complements your body shape and budget.

Body shape

Know your body shape
The body shape can be easily categorized into five shapes namely apple, rectangular, pear, pettie and hourglass shape. It is to be noted that a single dress will not suit all the body types, thus one need to know his/her body shape and the best styling options. Online stores offer the wide range of dresses and clothing options for every body shape.

Hourglass body shape
This type of body shape is one of the most desired body shapes among the women as it brings out the feminism to the maximum. The girls with this type of shape have a sleek waist, thus they must opt for the clothes which highlight their waist. One piece dresses are also the great option available to you.

Rectangular body shape
The girl with the rectangular body shape will generally lack the curves in the body. For the girls having the rectangular shaped body, the dresses which define the curves in the body or give illusion of the curve are the best like the A line dress. In addition to this, the dresses up to knee length or above the knee length compliment the shape better as it helps to show off your pretty legs. There are thousands of dresses available online that offer good curves.

Pettie body shape
The women who are generally small in height fall under this category. Thus, the basic objective should be to appear tall. At the first instance, you must avoid too long outfits as they will make you look even smaller. In addition to this avoid the color variation that can easily divide your body in two halves, single colored dresses and the shift dresses are a better option for you.

Apple body shape
The ones with this type of body shape generally have round shaped figure. All the parts of the body like hip, neck, face etc. are quite heavy, thus selecting the dress for these ladies is quite a daunting task. The ladies with the apple body shape should opt for wearing the dark colored dresses, loose fitting dresses. In addition to this, they can opt for simple and smaller patterns.

Pear body shape
The girls with pear body shape generally have heavier backs, thus they must opt for the clothes that draw attention to the upper body parts. In addition, empire fit dresses are best option for them. Thus, visit online stores and select the one that fits your requirement. In addition, you can grab the Peachmode discount coupons for cracking the cost effective deals.

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