The Best Tips On How To Wear A Midi Skirt

One of the clothing pieces which are a perfect ladylike addition to every Spring wardrobe is a midi skirt. The fact that they don’t set a limit on their styling options makes them even more desirable. However one should also know that unlike some trends which do not require an elaborate thinking process on how to don them, midi skirts! Wear them the wrong way and you will be taking off a few inches from your height as well as adding bulkiness to your frame. Here are some phenomenal styling tips that should help you when wearing one:

Girl Skirt

1) Balance the whole look

– The ‘print on print’ trend is enticing for sure but maintain distance from it when styling your midi skirt. If you opt for a midi skirt that has prints, play safe with a solid top in accompanying shade. Don complementing accessories that go in harmony with your outfit. Continue reading “The Best Tips On How To Wear A Midi Skirt”

Life-Changing Makeup Tips Every Woman Should Know

Women have obsessed with beauty for as long as we can remember and makeup is an important part of that phenomenon. We support the attitude that every woman is already beautiful, but we can’t deny that every woman can be even more beautiful, and makeup can be helpful. Although makeup is an important part of almost every woman’s life, not every woman is naturally talented or born with the knowledge of how she should apply it. Luckily for you, if you are one of those women, we’re here to help you. Read on to find out some tips and tricks which will help you to use your makeup wisely.

Woman Makeup

Know your skin

Skin tone can be neutral, warm or cool hue. It is important to think of your undertone not of the one exposed to sun and other influences. If you can tan easily and almost never burn on the sun, your skin has warm undertone, if it is the opposite, than you have cool undertone. Neutral tones are those with no obvious overtones of pink, olive or sallow. Continue reading “Life-Changing Makeup Tips Every Woman Should Know”

Get Your Salon up and Running

A salon is a lucrative business venture. Once you have the right equipment and licences, you can begin charging clients for work. Depending on your skills and reputation, you can charge a premium. Outfitting your salon requires a nice budget and great planning. You can design your salon anyway you want. Your theme sets a mood that tells your clients what they can expect. A great equipment supplier will have all the supplies you can imagine. They’ll have tons of equipment for you to choose from.

Hair Salon

A Line-up for You to Choose from

Whether you need massage tables or salon chairs, you’ll find there are lots of choices. You can decide on whether you want a modern or elegant theme. You can get most equipment in whatever colours you want. Salons are a competitive business. Chances are good you don’t want yours to look like everyone else’s. You can have a designer put the whole thing together, depending on your budget. One thing is certain, though. You’ll want to get high-quality, durable equipment so it’s easy to earn a solid return on your investment. Items like shampoo units will be used again and again every day. If you service a lot of clients, you’ll need to make sure your equipment is properly maintained. Only you can decide on the investment you wish to make. Continue reading “Get Your Salon up and Running”

Fashion and Workouts: What to Wear to the Gym

It can be quite difficult to decide what you are going to wear at the gym. You need your gym-wear to look good but also to be comfortable while working out. Old shorts and t-shirts can do the trick but it is also a good option to buy gym-wear that is specially designed for this use. Here are few tips on what to wear while working out.

Girl at the gym

Lower Body

Of course, you don’t want to wear jeans while working out. It would be impossible to do some of the squats or lunges while wearing jeans. Shorts are the most obvious choice and most of the people stick with it. In those, you will feel comfortable while doing any of the exercises. Of course, they are not the only option considering the lower body. You can also try wearing longer pants while working out. Many people prefer to wear track or yoga pants at the gym. Be sure to buy shorts or pants which will allow you a full range of movement. You should also have in mind that accessing some of the gym equipment might be easier if you are wearing shorts. Continue reading “Fashion and Workouts: What to Wear to the Gym”

You Are Beautiful: Road to Positive Body Image

Summer is almost here! If we take a look at any magazine, we can see headlines such as “Top 10 steps towards perfect body.” Now, the question is posed- what is the perfect body­? In order to keep up with the latest trends (which are, by the way, just a temporary attempt of some to introduce new, unnatural values that will tell us whether we’re beautiful and good enough for the time we live in), people somehow try to “clone” themselves, wearing the same clothes, behaving in the same way and trying to look the same. But, shouldn’t we be worried about this artificial phenomenon?

Self image

People have always been supposed to be unique. We’re all different- our silhouette, either pear or petite, our face, either rectangular or oval, our nose, either hooked or upturned, our lips, either full or thin, are there to add some special features to our look and help us stand out from the sea of same faces and body shapes. We usually forget about all these things and try to “idealize” ourselves trying to be someone else, which could result in serious mental and physical problems. If you want to be happy, try to be yourself. Here are some amazing tips you should always keep in mind. Continue reading “You Are Beautiful: Road to Positive Body Image”

5 Unexpected Beauty Looks to Try Now

Our concept of beauty is evolving, just as the fashion is constantly changing and coming up with new trends, beauty styling is also experimenting with new looks, and gives us totally unexpected, if we may add, awesome looks. Needless to say that if you are a true beauty pilgrim,you should follow every novelty in this world, in order to keep up with the trends. So, what are those unexpected beauty looks we promised you in the title? Read on and find out. Who knows, maybe you’ll become thrilled with some of them and try them right now.

Unexpected Beauty

  1. Upside-down smokey eyes

We all already know about smoky eyes, and many of us can create that look with (both) eyes closed (as if it possible to do it otherwise), but there is a new trend in town and it’s called upside-down smoky eyes. It’s an eye-catching modern twist on the traditional smoky eye look which consists of “smoking” out the lower lash line. The top lid remains light. It is a great look if you keep it moderate and don’t go overboard with it. No reason for turning your world upside down to have a little fun, just your smoky eye. Continue reading “5 Unexpected Beauty Looks to Try Now”

High Price of High Heels: If They Hurt, You’re Doing It Wrong

What I always think of when I see a woman wearing high heels is: How much time did it take her to make that grin and bear the pain? Not every woman will admit that wearing high heels demands a lot of exercise and learning. More often than not, high heels will come with a high degree of pain, especially during the first days after you buy them.

High Heels

I have been wearing high heels since college, and there are some things I learned – how to reduce the pain, what is the best type of heel, and when you should go to the doctor’s. Continue reading “High Price of High Heels: If They Hurt, You’re Doing It Wrong”