Hottest Styles For This Autumn

Even the most amateur fashion fans know that international catwalks move at an alarming pace. They don’t really exist in the same time frame as the rest of us. In order to be constantly ahead of the curve, most catwalks are already showcasing their Autumn/Winter collections by the time you’re slipping into your summer shorts and flip flops. The hottest autumn trends for 2013 have already been fought for and confirmed on catwalks all around the world. There’s talk of bold patterns, animal print, grunge accessories and elegant double breasted winter coats. It sure sounds like the latter half of this year is going to be smoking hot.

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Daring Animal Print

It’s not quite accurate to say that animal print is coming back into fashion, because it never really disappears from the catwalks or the high street. It would be more accurate to say that different ways of wearing animal print come in and out of fashion on a regular basis. This Autumn, it looks like full on animal print is the thing to be seen in. Bold, daring prints are all the rage right now –

Vivienne Westwood has been leading the pack with a range of psychedelic style animal print sweaters and trench coats, says expert Andrea Kiliany Thatcher. This is quite a bold look and not one that will suit everybody – the key to really rocking it is confidence. If you’re not quite daring enough to pull off a tiger print jumper, why not experiment with a printed scarf or satchel instead?

Bringing Back The Turtleneck

It seems another old favourite has returned to the catwalk this Autumn, too. This season, turtlenecks are being worn with elegant, double breasted suit jackets and long smart, casual trench coats. The turtleneck has always been thought of as quite a casual garment but this season, the world’s most high profile fashion experts seem determined to elevate it. If you want to be part of the trend, why not experiment with the combination of dark coloured turtleneck and smart, casual winter coat? Just make sure that you invest in a stylish coat with a wide neck – you do want to be able to show off your turtleneck, after all.

Mustard Is All The Rage

This year, mustard tones are all the rage and all over the catwalks. Paul Smith has been particularly fond of this look, kitting out many of his male models in head to toe yellow during the recent run of fall shows. He certainly isn’t the only designer to be experimenting with this look, either. Nevertheless, it’s not all fun and games – pulling off a bold colour like mustard isn’t an easy feat to achieve.

Like animal print, this trend is best reserved for guys who’ve got a little swagger and a lot of confidence, says journalist Alex Woodhall. Even if you’re not strutting about town in head to toe yellow like the models at the Dries Van Noten show, wearing mustard colours can be a bit disarming at first. Start off slow with a mustard yellow T-shirt or sweater and team it with a pair of well fitting chinos and an elegant pair of Oxford shoes.

Handsome Awkward Fashion Returns

A lot of this year’s big catwalk collections have come with a story attached. Their designers have talked moodily about the current economic climate and its effect on the industry. They’ve commented on the notion that fashion itself might have to evolve in order to keep up. Many of them have let their clothes do the talking – there’s been a lot of black, metal and grunge inspired pieces on the catwalks this fall, says New York Times journalist Ruth La Ferla.

The sharp, expensive suits and conventional silhouettes of yesteryear have been replaced with ripped jeans, baggy sweaters, worn overcoats and oversized Doc Marten boots. If you want to learn how to rock this look, get yourself a pair of skinny jeans and spend a few months wearing them in. Then, team your jeans with a dark overcoat that’s a couple of sizes too big and an artfully cool band T-shirt.

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Emily Steves is a research assistant for an international fashion magazine. She recommends Officers Club for affordable, top quality chinos for men. Emily can usually be found fact finding for her next article or talking to catwalk models at fashion shows.


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