Shop Your Shape: Bikini Shopping Guide

Just how many times have we passed next to someone on the street thinking: this person does not know how to dress! It is not just that colors and prints are not well combined, it is the fact that the clothes they are wearing is extremely inappropriate for their figure. The ones that have problems with a bit of extra weight tend to fit themselves into tiny outfits, thinking that they will make them look slimmer, but it actually does just the opposite.

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When the summer comes, the same applies to swimwear. Women tend to buy whatever is trendy that season, regardless of their body and the fact that it may not suit their shape at all. That is why here we have tips on what kind of bathing suit you should choose for your body type, more specifically for curvy, athletic and straight. Continue reading “Shop Your Shape: Bikini Shopping Guide”

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Wearing a Bikini with Confidence

Summertime is the best time to hit the beach, and if this your first time to wear a bikini in public, you should be feeling terrified. You may feel awkward about your body and you think that it is eons away from the model’s body in the magazine. However, wearing one does not require you to have the perfect body. All it takes is a little confidence on your part.

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You do not need to undergo a cosmetic procedure just to look good in a swimsuit. All you need is to know your asset and flaunt it. Bikinis now come in different designs depending on the woman’s body type, so you would surely find a style and color that will suit you. Avoid wearing a too tight or too loose one if you want to walk the beach with confidence.

If you are feeling shy at first, wear a cover-up, sarong or a beach dress over your swimsuit if it will make you feel comfortable. The key here is comfort, so choose between a two-piece and a one-piece swimsuit that you find comfortable wearing. You also need to enjoy yourself as everyone is doing, and besides, your friends will be too busy with themselves to even stare at you or see what you are wearing. Who knows, they might feel jittery and awkward too. Wearing a bikini or tankini requires confidence but if you start wearing one at an early age, you will be more comfortable with your body, especially in front of other people.

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