You Are Beautiful: Road to Positive Body Image

Summer is almost here! If we take a look at any magazine, we can see headlines such as “Top 10 steps towards perfect body.” Now, the question is posed- what is the perfect body­? In order to keep up with the latest trends (which are, by the way, just a temporary attempt of some to introduce new, unnatural values that will tell us whether we’re beautiful and good enough for the time we live in), people somehow try to “clone” themselves, wearing the same clothes, behaving in the same way and trying to look the same. But, shouldn’t we be worried about this artificial phenomenon?

Self image

People have always been supposed to be unique. We’re all different- our silhouette, either pear or petite, our face, either rectangular or oval, our nose, either hooked or upturned, our lips, either full or thin, are there to add some special features to our look and help us stand out from the sea of same faces and body shapes. We usually forget about all these things and try to “idealize” ourselves trying to be someone else, which could result in serious mental and physical problems. If you want to be happy, try to be yourself. Here are some amazing tips you should always keep in mind. Continue reading “You Are Beautiful: Road to Positive Body Image”

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Do your clothes need to be figure flattering all the time?

The image of Kim Kardashian has more or less carved its way into almost every woman’s personal style throughout these past eight years since her show begun. Up to then, we were all quick to judge any curves on a woman whatsoever given that Twiggy and Kate Moss were style icons and trend-setters of body image and desired look.


I personally am a curvatious woman who wasn’t so proud to show off her body in curve-hugging skirts and dresses but rather opted for looser clothes in order to cover the shape. I am not going to say that the Kardashian clan gave me my body confidence back; I’ll just say that somewhere along the way I’ve realized that being who you are, no matter what shape – is perfect as it is. Continue reading “Do your clothes need to be figure flattering all the time?”

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