Five Tips For Looking Absolutely Smashing On Your Next Date

First or second impressions are important, especially when going out on the town with a date. This means that a man should follow basic fashion rules and go out of his way to look stunning. When a man can pull this off, he is more likely to enjoy success and build upon the relationship. In fact, with these five simple tips, a guy can look absolutely smashing on his next date.

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Hair cut

When going to a cheap barber, a man will not look his best. No, to look handsome and well-kept, a guy should go to a real hair stylist who can give a great haircut. With a professional, one can sit down and get a consultation, so they know what style will fit their appearance. Continue reading “Five Tips For Looking Absolutely Smashing On Your Next Date”

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Six Personalized Styles to Help Your Look Exude Confidence

When choosing a look, perhaps the best advice of all is: be yourself. Sometimes expressing who you are is the greatest part of finding a confident and stylish set of clothes. What are your interests? Your passions? How we dress can often tell other people about our personalities, and that can make them feel more comfortable around us — which can in turn make us feel more confident in ourselves.

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1. Reaching into the Past to make a Present Style Better

Sometimes drawing on styles from a former time can make all the difference in the world. In the 1960s, for example, slimmer suits were all the rage — and as they’re making a comeback, people are finding that the svelte figures they create can make for a great look. Continue reading “Six Personalized Styles to Help Your Look Exude Confidence”

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