Exciting Fashion Stores Around Turkey

Turkey is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world not just because of its picturesque landscape, but also the unique sense of fashion and culture that can be seen in various high-end stores around the country. People often visit these stalls to purchase rare souvenirs that may include items like jewellery, clothes and shoes amongst others.

Forevernew Turkey
Image: forevernew.com.tr

Forever New

Forever New is an international designer clothing and accessories retailer with a total of 14 stores all across Turkey, their stalls can be found in places such as Adana, Palladium, Agora, Deepo and Alsancak. The company prides itself in celebrating feminine beauty by selling only the best products for women. Most of FN’s collections are inspired by international trends in music, arts, theatre and film including runway shows hosted in major cities around the world. The firm’s creative team often works collaboratively to create exclusive fashion collections, presented in neat and elegant stores for maximum shopping pleasure of all customers who walk through their doors. Apart from selling quality products, this brand is regarded as one of the best Fashion House employers in Turkey, they provide employees with regular training and also staff discounts on items bought. Continue reading “Exciting Fashion Stores Around Turkey”

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Best Fashion Stores in California

Can California fashion stores be the source of the latest fashion trends in the world? California is the fashion focal point distinguished by a number of fashion shows taking place on a regular basis, and the capability of those stores to showcase the latest fashion trends in the world. California has the capacity for all your fashion needs.

Westfield San Francisco Centre 447x284
Image: flickr.com/photos/chanc

Why California has the best fashion stores in the world

Favourite tourist destination

San Francisco is the cultural and financial center for both San Francisco bay area and northern California. As a result, the place attracts a good number of tourists from all parts of the world for diverse reasons including to attend fashion festivities. In addition, San Francisco is a fashion hub recognized globally and fashion enthusiasts often look for new trends in fashion with the aim of managing their wardrobe accordingly. Here you can get any trendy fashion you can imagine of. Consequently, you will have a variety of clothes that are of high quality and of different types. Continue reading “Best Fashion Stores in California”

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