The Latest Trend for Summer Season

Summer is here once again, and this is the best time that most people enjoy to see and be seen since they have been cooped up indoors for most of the winter months. To dress nice for this summer, the best go-to fashion trend is the summer dress – the colorful, the better.

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Photo: Vintage dress by Unique Vintage

Put away the drab hues of winter and look for festive, fun colors such as pink, lime green, blue, and yellow. Dresses of these colors will surely command attention and you can also experiment with bold colors. Continue reading “The Latest Trend for Summer Season”

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The Best Fashion Trend for the Spring 2012

For spring 2012, several designers are leaning towards pretty pastel hues as the most wearable for the season. Designers from Ralph Lauren, to Calvin Klein, Marc Jacobs, Tommy Hilfiger and other influential designers are featuring pastel fashion in their collections.

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To wear this look, you need to combine different colors in pastel separates and look for colors such as pale yellow, bluish pink, icy blue or light lavender. The upside of using pastel as the fashion trend spring 2012 is that it is both pretty and appropriate for the season, since it is reminiscent of the color of Easter eggs.

The downside of pastels for the petites is that the light colors may tend to add bulk visually, and a few extra pounds on a short woman can be more noticeable than it would be for a taller woman. If it is not flattering to your body, then you can possibly skip the trend.  For those who do not look best in pastels, or who still want to wear pastels, the best solution would be to add a touch of light color with pastel fashion accessories, like a pastel handbag, or jewelry in pastel hues.

You could also try cheerful color blocking to make a simple look glam, by matching three different colors and sticking to it to avoid the overly rainbow brite look.

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What’s the Latest Fashion Trend

The 2012 fashion trend will not be distinctly new as there are lots of clothing and accessories that are still influenced by the most recent season of autumn/fall 2011. Fashion update bring you the fashion guide as they take a look at the best catwalks and collections, picking out the trends you can build your perfect collection of 2012 fashion.

Fashions update
Photo: black_eyes

The key pieces that should possibly made their way into your wardrobe include the wide leg pant in lightweight fabric or denim, the tuxedo jacket which is an easy option for heading out after office hours, and the leather harness.

There is also the high slit dress just like the one Angelina Jolie wore at the Oscar’s, and the 60’s Peter Pan collar which is a good sixties look paired with the black and white Louis Vuitton. The “It Bag” for 2012 is the Gladstone bag, or what is commonly known as the “doctor’s bag.” While this was once a working man’s asset, it has now become a woman’s arm luxury as they are both functional and elegant.

If you want to keep up with the latest fashion trend, or after fashion-forward wardrobe refresh, there is a number of color to choose from as mixed prints and maxi dresses are in fashion again.

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