Fashion Week-Top 5 Stylish Hotels in New York City


· Getting perfect luxurious hotel for your vacation can be very difficult. Whether you are traveling for holiday or business, it is important to have a luxurious duvet and a big screen to curl up in front of. New York restaurants are naturally designed to call to both business and leisure travels. The recent New York hotel openings showed a great illustration of how the Big Apple combines service, style and location to the travelers with their diverse needs. If you are planning to visit the New York for vacation, then it is wise to look into these 5 stylish hotels.

Nolitan Hotel 447x298

Nolitan Hotel

· This is perhaps the latest of all 55-room stylish hotels, which opened in august on Manhattan’s lower side, a few meters from the marvelous SoHo district. Exceptional perks at this consciously designed hotel have services like free parking, 2 p.m. checkout, open bicycle parking, skateboard and unpacking services. The roof top is reserved for private functions and anything that needs no interruption.  Continue reading “Fashion Week-Top 5 Stylish Hotels in New York City”

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2013 New York Fashion Week

If you want to update your wardrobe for the coming year, you must not miss out on the fall and winter collection that is set to delight your eyes on the New York Fashion Week, which usually happens on February for the winter collection, and September for the spring collection.

Spring 2013 447x251

The fashion trends that you will be seeing usually become the talk of the town, so this is a must-see event for all. Delight your senses from the creations of different couturiers, the models, designers, and the different celebrities that will grace this affair as you see them previewing the different clothes for the season.

The New York Fashion Week is an industry- only event where the only ones invited are the fashion professionals such as designers, merchandisers, and buyers; and journalists or the media and celebrities. This is a very rare occasion where designers converge to flaunt their new creation and the 2013 New York Fashion Week is forecasted to be another big event for the coming year, which will surely drive a lot of tourists to the Big Apple.

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