How to Stay Trendy on Different Occasions This Spring

As the number of sunshine hours is increasing and the spring months are here, it is necessary to renew your closets and choose items for the ongoing season. Since spring and summer are quite similar, the purchase can also be extended to summer clothes, too. This year fashion stylists have loosened their grip and they have given the green light to more relaxed and casual clothes for 2015. However, it still depends on the social context. Let’s take a look at different occasions and their belonging trends.


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In spring afternoons and summer evenings there is no such a thrilling thing as slow strolls around the town. This habit is so widespread that numerous stylists and fashion designers create special items and patterns for this purpose. In this period of 2015, a street walk should definitely be marked with fringes. They are can be smoothly added to shoes, jeans and above all jackets. In addition to fringes, a street walk should not even start without the presence of a casual bag. Finally, downbeat strolls should be accompanied with wrap-up items, such as overalls and dresses that cover the whole torso. Continue reading “How to Stay Trendy on Different Occasions This Spring”

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Make Small Changes And Save Small Change

Customising and refashioning clothes is an inexpensive way of revitalising your entire wardrobe when your budget runs out, or if you’re saving for festival tickets, a cool moped or whatever. It’s great to experiment and it’s a good way to transform the stuff you never wear but can’t bear to throw away.

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One of the easiest steps to take is to change the buttons and/or the trimming on a garment. You can use vintage buttons in mother-of-pearl or fun, kooky Japanese ones. Whatever kind you like will make the end result much more wearable and usually you only need four or six buttons, so it’s not a big investment; they don’t even have to match, as long as they are the right size for the buttonholes. Try a bit of organdie trim or ribbon along the edges of a cardigan or the hem of a t-shirt. Buttons can be sewn around the neckline or cuffs of a top for a lovely homespun look. If they don’t match, all the better; it looks more “Little House on the Prairie” that way. Then, instead of buying a new top, you can save money up for your next purchase at Cheerful Soles.

Next time you are at Alegria shoes online, open a new tab and google search for your nearest haberdashery shop. Here you will be able to find all sorts of luxury-looking trimmings, corsages, feathers, faux flowers and fur, sequins and gems. These are great for changing a dull dress into something with pizzazz, or for making accessories. While on the subject of accessories, add a good quality belt, pin on an interesting brooch or provocative badge, and any bargain high street outfit suddenly becomes bespoke.

While you’re waiting for your pallet delivery of ribbons and bows from the haberdashery blow-out, turn your hand to fabric art. Fabric pens and iron-on motifs can make all the difference to a pair of jeans.


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Take The Negative Memories Out Of Your Wardrobe

Many of us spend a lot of money choosing bedroom furniture that is just right, and our wardrobes take up quite a lot of room, but are we making the best use of that precious space? If you take the time to reorganise your wardrobe, you can make it work for you much more efficiently.

Womens Wardrobe Pic 300x300While you’re at it, step away from the UK Geox shoes website and vow not to buy anything new until the reorganisation is complete. You need a gap like this to enable you to break your fashion-buying habit and to help you review the way you shop.

As you go through your wardrobe – UK Geox shoes here, Italian stilettos there – examine every item. If something no longer fits – no matter what great memories it brings back or how fabulous it looks on the hanger – you need to get rid of it. Do the same with any garment that makes you feel fat, frumpy, old or has negative memories tied up with it. Perhaps you bought a sweater with your best girlfriend and you fell out three years ago; every time you wear it you can’t help but think of that lost friendship. Maybe a sparkly top reminds you of your ex. You can’t afford to let it keep cluttering up your home and your mind, and negatively impacting on your self-confidence.

At this point you also need to think hard about your age and lifestyle. How many garments do you have that don’t really fit with your personality, style and day-to-day life? Are there some that aren’t really suitable these days? Perhaps that gothic phase could be toned down a little? Ask a good friend for an honest opinion. Lastly, pull out everything that you haven’t worn in the last year and off-load it. While you may want to store some classic pieces which often come back into fashion, or items like wedding dresses as heirlooms, be brave and pass the others on to friends, the rag man, your local charity shop or freecycle. Less is more!

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