Best Ways to Keep Hair From Getting Greasy

Are you one of those people that style their hair to perfection in the morning who have a look in the mirror later afternoon and see that not only there’s no styling involved but the hair got such a sad, oily look that you appear as though you’ve never washed your hair… ever!? Ah, we feel you.

Beautiful Hair

Extensive oil secretion from oil glands may be caused by variety issues, such as hereditary conditions, hormonal fluctuations or the natural texture of your hair. Do not despair! Here are some remedies that you may find helpful! Continue reading “Best Ways to Keep Hair From Getting Greasy”

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Kardashians Got You Jealous? Five Wearable Extensions For The Everyday Girl

Jealous of the Kardashian sisters? As much as they’re known for their reality show fame and their tabloid drama, they’re also known for their gorgeous, flowing long hair. Kim, Khloe and Kourtney have all fessed up to using hair extensions to achieve their long look. You can get their gorgeous hair with extensions, but first you’ll have to decide which type of extensions are right for you. Here are five wearable extensions for the everyday girl.


Clip-In Ponytails –

Clip-in ponytails are the like the training wheels of hair extensions. They’re the perfect way for women to experiment with hair extensions before investing in a more advanced kit. These clip-in ponytails are easy to wear, too. Simply bring your natural hair into a bun and attach the ponytail and you’re good to go. Continue reading “Kardashians Got You Jealous? Five Wearable Extensions For The Everyday Girl”

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