Casual Keepers in Men’s Wardrobe

The turn of the century has seen the dawn of a multibillion dollar men’s fashion industry. With the fashion trends changing from season to season, it’s often hard to determine what makes a smart or a casual outfit really cook. Men want to be perceived as innovative and leaders of a change on one side, and still retain a recognizable side. The fashion industry on the other hand, tries to exploit insecurities and emotion of consumers, who fear of being out of date, but also want to stick to proven formulas. The question remains, what items in a man’s wardrobe are definitely keepers. Well, the list may start like this:

Blue Jean

Blue Jeans

Don’t be afraid to overpay a good pair of blue jeans. They are as versatile as a pack of Wrigley’s and will save you from banging your head what to wear in many occasions. Opt for a slim cut, but not too tight. Unless you are a rapper, go with the straight lines and no bleaching. You can always make a statement with a t-shirt, so keep these simple and versatile. Continue reading “Casual Keepers in Men’s Wardrobe”

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Fashionable Halloween Accessories

From wigs, shoes, masks, etc., you can find lots of accessories for your Halloween costume. Even if you are in a scary costume, it does not mean that you do not have to be fashionable. Buying costumes would seem generic, but you can still make your costume standout by adding accessories.

halloween night 447x335

If you still have your costume from the previous year, you can make it look brand new by adding glitters, ruffles, and other glam accessories. You can also put together a costume from the different items you can find in your home from clothes, paints, and other knick-knacks.

You can make your Halloween costume fashionable by picking small items to accentuate your costume. You can also put in added effects from the usual costume and all you need is a glue gun and a junk drawer. If you want to impersonate a person, make sure that you pay close attention to all the details, even the simplest ones, regarding that person. Look for their signature item, as this will what makes them stand out from the rest.

In choosing the right costume, color is very important, so choose one that will show off your style. You can also create a bold and extraordinary costume by exaggerating the designs and colors. There are lots of Halloween accessories to choose from in the market today or you can do them on your own, just make sure that they match your costume well.

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Take The Negative Memories Out Of Your Wardrobe

Many of us spend a lot of money choosing bedroom furniture that is just right, and our wardrobes take up quite a lot of room, but are we making the best use of that precious space? If you take the time to reorganise your wardrobe, you can make it work for you much more efficiently.

Womens Wardrobe Pic 300x300While you’re at it, step away from the UK Geox shoes website and vow not to buy anything new until the reorganisation is complete. You need a gap like this to enable you to break your fashion-buying habit and to help you review the way you shop.

As you go through your wardrobe – UK Geox shoes here, Italian stilettos there – examine every item. If something no longer fits – no matter what great memories it brings back or how fabulous it looks on the hanger – you need to get rid of it. Do the same with any garment that makes you feel fat, frumpy, old or has negative memories tied up with it. Perhaps you bought a sweater with your best girlfriend and you fell out three years ago; every time you wear it you can’t help but think of that lost friendship. Maybe a sparkly top reminds you of your ex. You can’t afford to let it keep cluttering up your home and your mind, and negatively impacting on your self-confidence.

At this point you also need to think hard about your age and lifestyle. How many garments do you have that don’t really fit with your personality, style and day-to-day life? Are there some that aren’t really suitable these days? Perhaps that gothic phase could be toned down a little? Ask a good friend for an honest opinion. Lastly, pull out everything that you haven’t worn in the last year and off-load it. While you may want to store some classic pieces which often come back into fashion, or items like wedding dresses as heirlooms, be brave and pass the others on to friends, the rag man, your local charity shop or freecycle. Less is more!

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New Puma Shoes Superior Heel-to-Toe Protection

The foot alone has more than 25 percent of the body’s total bone mass and if any of these bones are or become misaligned, the body will be affected in numerous ways. It is very important to wear good shoes because wearing bulky and ill-fitting shoes can cause knee problems, hip pains, lower back problems, shoulder and neck tensions, headaches and stomachaches, and these could be symptoms of misaligned bones in the feet.

Puma 447x330
Photo: Meanest Indian

The New Puma shoes address these problems, as it is the right lightweight product for you. Each shoe features a tailored amount of FaasFoam, which is a resilient, lightweight blend of foam and rubber. This provides a superior heel to toe transition with just the right amount of cushioning, rebound, and response.

The light shoes have a cool European look, making them look classic and contemporary at once. It has durability and Smart Comfort system for that all-day comfort. Choose the right shoes for you and let your feet enjoy the comfort it deserves.

PUMA Introduces the Faas Lightweight Running Shoe

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