Casual Keepers in Men’s Wardrobe

The turn of the century has seen the dawn of a multibillion dollar men’s fashion industry. With the fashion trends changing from season to season, it’s often hard to determine what makes a smart or a casual outfit really cook. Men want to be perceived as innovative and leaders of a change on one side, and still retain a recognizable side. The fashion industry on the other hand, tries to exploit insecurities and emotion of consumers, who fear of being out of date, but also want to stick to proven formulas. The question remains, what items in a man’s wardrobe are definitely keepers. Well, the list may start like this:

Blue Jean

Blue Jeans

Don’t be afraid to overpay a good pair of blue jeans. They are as versatile as a pack of Wrigley’s and will save you from banging your head what to wear in many occasions. Opt for a slim cut, but not too tight. Unless you are a rapper, go with the straight lines and no bleaching. You can always make a statement with a t-shirt, so keep these simple and versatile. Continue reading “Casual Keepers in Men’s Wardrobe”

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Classic Fashion for Men: 5 Signs of Style

Distinction of the individual is an expression of personality that elevates the gentleman from all others. With the resurgence of classic fashion, men are bolstering their wardrobes to remain relevant with the new trends. The following are five accessories that every man should keep on hand.

Classic Fashion for Men 5 Signs of Style

Ground Floor-Shoes

The roads that a gentleman has traveled is reflected in the shoes that he wears. An assortment of casual and dress shoes helps elevate a man’s wardrobe. Try to go for something classy, yet casual. The trick is finding footwear that matches your individual style and taste. The definitive combination of style and comfort blend into a representation of a man’s taste starting with his shoes. Continue reading “Classic Fashion for Men: 5 Signs of Style”

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