The Brands Popular with Fashion Forward People

When it comes to getting gifts for people, fashion has come to the forefront of many people’s lives. Many people are conscious about their fashion sense, and it is vital to these people that what the brands they are wearing makes the statement that they are fashion forward. So if you find yourself in the position where you are purchasing an item for a person who is fashion conscious, then these following brands are the ones that you should try and look towards.

Thomas Sabo

Thomas Sabo

Thomas Sabo is one of the leading global brands who specialise in designing, selling and distributing jewellery, watches and beauty products for women and men. They are all about paying attention to detail and this is seen with the charms they are so popular for – which are made to be the perfect gift for anyone who knows their jewellery.

Papaya Clothing

Papaya clothing is a modish online retailer that sells women’s clothing and accessories with a target market of 16 to 25 year olds. The types of items on their website includes dresses, tops, sandals, active wear and swimwear. These are all very common items but they are designed with a unique twist that makes them an ideal gift for anyone who is wanting to wear clothing that only has a slight edge to it.

Theo Fennel

Theo Fennel is a jewellery brand who specialise in making pieces which are about the finest crafting and beautiful design. They have a number of great pieces which are the perfect gift for anyone who love to look glamorous for a fancy event.

Forever 21

Over the past few years Forever 21 has become one of the most popular speciality retailers in the world – with their speciality being clothing for women that is inimitably designed. For example, if you were to see a woman that is full dressed in an outfit from Forever 21, they would probably be wearing a sequin rainbow dress, with a large fur overcoat and a pair of deep soled trainers. So if you’re buying a gift for someone who loves to stand out, then Forever 21 is certainly a top choice.


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